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Between Each Step 90 day Challenge

As I’m writing, the day is September 3, 2019. In exactly one month, it will be October 3rd, which begins the 90 day countdown to January 1, 2020. My mind began thinking about starting a 90 day health/fitness challenge, quite coincidentally, I swear. This is rather long as far as challenges go. I prefer short ones because they are more attainable. 

I guess by the end of this post, I will be asking if anyone is interested. For now, I must preface my idea by telling you that, as a Trainer, I believe small steps towards health/fitness changes, lead to greater success. 

But, what is between each step? Time.

How much “time” is needed to see change or create a new habit is different for each of us. Hence, a 90 day challenge!

Some challenges are very specific. Like a “Run a 5k in 90 days”, or “Lose 10 lbs in 90 days”. This challenge won’t be THAT specific because we are each choosing what our challenge is. For some it might be nutrition related, others, fitness related. Preliminarily speaking, I think I would like each person who joins this closed group, to, 1. Join  2. Write what your challenge is to be, along with what obstacles or perhaps triggers, you foresee. I don’t have all the answers, but I have probably encountered them myself and this will give me the opportunity to give you some feedback and options on how to work around them when they arise. 

Here are a few examples:  

1.Busy schedule, family, and the fast food choices are sabotaging you.

*It is important to understand, that I am encouraging you to focus on yourself right now. So if you need to stop at Micky D’s between soccer & basketball, do it! Ergo, lay off the guilt trip.

Buy those nuggets for the Fam, but you my friend, you get the salad or wait until you get home for a healthier option. Trying to change the habits of yourself and your plus 1’s, is not sustainable right now.

2. Time of Month cravings???

    *Use this current month as a time to reflect on your triggers. For me, I definitely get the munchies the week before my period and I crave sweets a little more than usual. So, I make sure I have healthy snacks available. The kind that may contain sugar but are not empty calories; meaning, they contain good nutrients too. Like apple slices and peanut butter, or keep some dark chocolate kisses in fridge, (way back in the fridge, out of sight from others) allow yourself 1-2 when a craving arises. Listen folks, fruit is good for you!!! It’s sugars are natural and your body knows how to process it. Additionally, they contain all sorts of antioxidants and polyphenols.

3. Bread

*I get it. This one is tough for some women.Try having it at ONE meal only. I suggest breakfast. This day & age, bread is so highly processed. Your body breaks it down as processed sugar and what it can’t use right away, it stores in your fat cells. I also suggest whole wheat only.

Personally, even whole wheat bread bloats me but I discovered I tolerate Rye bread very well.

Those were all nutrition based examples, but maybe yours will be a fitness challenge.

Mine is exercise. I struggle with consistency of getting my workouts in each week. My trigger is all my household responsibilities. I know my work-around is going to the gym after I get the kids off to school, even though I have a great workout space at home. Until I learn to prioritize my health over that load of laundry or the dirty toilet, I won’t be successful.

Exercise is not a luxury! You can’t wait until you can afford it or until you have time. Your health will progressively deteriorate. 

I can definitely give you feedback & options on these challenges too.

To Recap:

We would use the rest of this month to prepare for the challenge by choosing our challenge, think about our triggers and obstacles. Then, on October 3rd, join the group; name your challenge, list your triggers/obstacles. I will provide feedback/options, and we will spend the next few months encouraging each other and checking in with your progress and maybe even your letdowns so that we can encourage each other some more. 

This is the perfect time of year to start, before the holidays.

Knowing that we may have some set-backs along the way, I ask once again…

What is between each step?  Grace


I am not a registered dietician or a nutrition specialist. I am an exercise specialist. It is outside of my scope of practice to outline a nutrition plan for you. However, what I can do is give good sound nutritional advice and encourage you along your way.

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