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No More BLT’s

B-L-T = Bites, Licks, & Tastes.

These BLT’s happen many times throughout the day for a lot of us. Myself being a parent, I am faced with the temptation all the time, especially the busier our day is. You don’t have to be a parent to encounter these nasty little intruders. The break-room at the office, freebies at the food court, I’m sure you could think of many other scenarios the BLT temptation exists.  I’ve seen some BLT challenges out there encouraging people to commit to 30 days or whatever of just saying “no” to them. The fact is,  every leftover chicken nugget from your child’s happy meal, or doughnut a co-worker brings in to share, the calories can really add up throughout the day. My goal on the subject today is  to raise your awareness on your habits. Do you consume BLT’s everyday? It could be whats keeping you from reaching that goal.

Just food for thought.

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