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Proper Form While Running For Pain & Injury Free Cardio

Just the other day, I was talking to a friend who has ran marathons about my experiences with running. Lately, I have been trying to take up the new habit not only to add variety to my workouts, but also because you can do it literally anywhere. You don’t need a gym membership, you can do it on vacation, the opportunity is right outside your front door. My only problem is I tend to have discomfort in my knees, or shin splints.  I have never had any technical training with running but I know enough to know my form was probably an issue and possibly even my shoes.  So I was asking her about it and she tried to explain proper form to me without being able to demonstrate  it at the time. Then earlier today I was browsing one of the websites I have listed on under “my favorite sites” and found this video tutorial on this very topic.  It definitely looks like something that will take a lot of practice to master but this is so important for any one thinking about taking up running/jogging.  Here is the video:  “The principles of natural running”

All this time I have been blaming my poor knees for not wanting to run due to discomfort (I’ve put them through a lot by not practicing good form).  Not any more. I plan on mastering this technique. Join me in working out smarter and safer by learning the proper form, whether it’s running or weight lifting. Quality over quantity is an old adage for a reason. Very wise.

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