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End Of The Year Resolution

Everyone waits till the first of the new year to make new year resolutions.  I’m encouraging and challenging you to make them NOW.  We usually wait until after the holidays when we all feel guilty from gaining 1-5 pounds from all the indulging we did to start an exercise program or just start making better choices. To try to make those changes on top of  the fresh guilt we feel from the added pounds can sometimes set us up for failure. It’s challenging enough to set new goals and implement lifestyle changes without  the negative thoughts to begin with.

I’m encouraging you to start now!!  Allow yourself to enjoy the holidays as usual, understand you may gain a few pounds, and don’t beat yourself up if you do. Take comfort in knowing you have already begun your journey. The holidays are just a hurdle that we all face. I have found that since I have already started my journey and seen some positive changes, it makes it easier to make better, healthier choices.  If you start exercising now and kick your metabolism into gear, maybe your metabolism will eat up those extra calories you consume and you won’t see an influx on the scale at all. It’s not as impossible as you may think.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  God Bless.

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