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Meet This Morning’s Inspiration


Meet the ladies of Bay Vista Park.  I met them this morning after my workout of the day, two mile jog with Emma tagging along in our new jogging stroller.  I passed these ladies a few times during our run.  After I finished my second lap I took Emma to the playground to play for a little while.  While walking back to the car I passed these same ladies.  They were sitting around a picnic table, obviously finished with their morning workout as well.  As I passed, me being myself as usual, said to them in greeting, ” Are we all finished now?”.  They threw out their smiles and exhausted “yeses”.  I love these moments.  Connecting with other women through commonalities of any kind. Ours’ this morning was the pursuit of good health.  I decided to go back over and risk sounding like a complete idiot and ask if I could take their picture. Isn’t this the normal thing to do?  After receiving their initial odd expression in response, I told them I authored a blog named babymamagotback. Im pretty sure they recognized immediately the reference to the 1980’s hit by Sir Mix-A-Lot, Baby Got Back because they all struck a pose and stuck out their bums. I loved it, most people don’t catch on to it. After the introduction, the ladies were happy to oblige and even wanted to give me more information about themselves.  I’d like to share what has been working for this group and hope I do these ladies justice.  Stephanie Carrington lost 30lbs. in two months by walking and “juicing”. Due to my lack of knowledge on juicing I chose to not link to anything on this post about it. Maybe Stephanie C. will find this blog and share her routine with us in more detail. It is definitely working for her. She is apparently the encourager of the group and has her friend C. Daniels doing this routine with her and she has lost 11 lbs. in one week. Next is S. Kimbrough, she walks and plays some tennis and has lost 17 lbs. in one and a half weeks.  Stephanie’s daughter Shynique also joins them. She didn’t share any results but she supports them with her presence and enjoys their company as well.

These women are finding what works for them and I applaud them for it.  There is something that can work for everybody. I always encourage exercise and physical activity because the rewards can go far beyond  weight loss and  good health. Just as in my story this morning, it builds friendships and community.

Ladies, I hope you find your story here on babymamagotback because I would love for you to not only correct any thing I may have gotten wrong, but also just share a little more about how your becoming healthier. Don’t be afraid to brag because you deserve it.

The last thing I want to share, is Stephanie also mentioned that they work from 11pm to 7am and still meet up at the park to workout together. I was most inspired by this today.

See You At The Park Ladies!!

(Above picture from left to right: Stephanie Carrington, C. Daniels, S. Kimbrough, Shynique)

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