Baby Mama Got Back



I want to give you a quick update since it has been six months from my last blog post. I’ve started working out at our local YMCA again and have been doing really good the last two weeks. My goal is to try to do cardio as many days as possible. It is easier for me to NOT mark my calendar with how many days, and/or which days I want to work out. With two toddlers, I am only partially in control. So I just aim for as much as possible. I have also been supplementing my workouts at home with either my step and old step aerobic routines, or my new Brazil Butt Lift dvds. My initial review on the Brazil Butt Lift series is that I will probably use it strictly for sculpting. I tried the cardio work out the other day and although it did get my heart rate up, it just wasn’t my cup of tea, and failed to challenge me cardiovascularly. My past obstacles with my toddlers still exist. I have only made it through one complete group fitness class before someone in the nursery calls my name over the intercom, or walks by the class windows holding up a sign simply saying “EMMA”. I must give the nursery attendants credits, they do try to give me as much time as possible and I appreciate that. My husband and I frequented another gym last year and as soon as one slight protest from my child came, they were out the door looking for me.

This thing called motherhood is still presenting me hurdles and I continue to find my way over, around, or through them.

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