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Nearing end of week Four

Ok, to recap the past couple of weeks, I’ll start with week two. Crappy. Both of my girls were sick so I literally got no sleep during the night and was exhausted all day. It was so bad my husband had to stay home from work Friday. I may have gotten one cardio session in. Week three started and I was trying desperately not to feel defeated by week two and feeling PMS setting in. If you are not a woman and you are reading this blog, PMS means fatigue, headaches, cramps, among other symptoms.Even though I have been tired, I have done pretty good. No cardio for week three . It is now nearing the end of week four and I have managed to get in a couple good leg days in and therefore have started noticing a good deal of tightening going on and it may be too early to report, but I’m pretty sure a one pound drop on the scale. I’m going to try to run tonight when my husband gets home. My spin bike is great but I really need to get out of the house. Darnit, I need batteries for my mp3 player. Oh well. Probably too dangerous to run with it anyway. I only have two weeks and two days left of my six week goal. I don’t believe I will reach my five pound destination but I will certainly be tighter and stronger.

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