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Midway thru week 1 of 2011 six week goal

It’s Friday 1/7/11 and so far I’m doing ok.  Started my “New Year’s Resolution” plan Monday and I have only gotten one cardio session in. I have managed to do strength training every day and hope to have a successful day today. I am battling to stay focused and not expect too much too soon. It is easy in your excitement to be overly critical in the beginning when you just start, especially the first week, to  expect to see decreases on the scale or notice a change in your physique. Experience has proven to me that I probably will not see a change until the end of week two. This is true for me. I am in no way saying that is what you will experience. Still, I find myself getting discouraged when I can’t get a good workout in one day due to my responsibilities raising a toddler and 5 1/2 month old. I am trying to stay positive and remind myself that I still have 5 1/12 weeks left and even though I may not be able to exercise every day with the intensity I prefer, as long as I get in a few hard workouts a week for six weeks, I am sure to see a huge difference. Besides, the beauty of setting goals in six week intervals, is that you have roughly 9 times the opportunity to improve. One thing that has been disappointing, is finding out my scale has been lying to me. It is three pounds off. This has been confirmed by more than one other scale  so I know it is true. It has been revealing a number three pounds lighter than every other scale I have used. A few posts back I expressed joy over moving into the 120’s which put me pretty much at home.  In reality, I am still three pounds away. Again, I am more interested in being toned than I am in my weight.  It is just that the 120’s is the weight range that I associate with being in the best shape of my life so it is hard not to focus on that number. I will try to just post updates at the end of every week to give enough time to see change, as opposed to updating in the middle of the week. I just wanted to share some common mistakes that I as well make when starting a program. Keep pressing forward and don’t expect too much too soon. Changes start on the inside before you see them on the outside. Good luck to you on your journey.

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