Baby Mama Got Back



Jogged two miles again with the kiddos in their stroller. Not adjusting well to the time change. We are leaving the house at the usual time in the morning, not taking into account the position of the sun after the time just changed and is now one hour back. Why is this an issue? Well, the sun is in the face of my infant almost the whole time. She is so small that her head doesn’t sit high enough in the stroller for the canopy to shield her. My only option to cure this will be to leave at least an hour earlier. I know from experience that the sun remains a problem for her for about four hours. Leading into the afternoon. I most likely will not feel like getting out after lunch time. This isn’t a big deal, it is just something that is happening right now. Just finished another leg work out:  squats w/barbell & two 10 lb plates= 65 lbs., hip hinges/dead lifts w/ same weights as squats, lunges two 15lb dumbbells, & leg extensions. All three sets each. I did an upper body workout two days ago, I just didn’t log it. For that, I did: shoulder press 15 lb dumbbells, side lateral raise 10 lb dumbbells, tricep kick backs 10 lb dumbbells, over head tricep dip with a 10 lb dumbbell single arm alternating, overhead tricep dip w/ 15 lb dumbbell dual arms, bicep curl, slow, w/ 10 lb dumbbells, & seated bicep hammer curls 10 lb dumbbells alternating.

Also, I am happy to brag, I am seeing a two pound loss on the scale today. I lost some initial baby weight to get stalled at 136lbs. For weeks I haven’t had any change. I know this is because I am strength training and therefore gaining muscle weight while losing fat weight and they are substituting each other out.  Even though I want to continue building muscle, I should still drop about 8-10 pounds. When I was in the best shape of my life so far, I had a lot more muscle and I weighed in at 125 lbs. I may have been slightly too thin, but not much. Still need to bump up my cardio.

I am pressing on to my life goal of aging gracefully. I have given birth to five children and I feel great and look pretty darn good too. I know, with out a doubt, this is true because of exercising. Not just cardio, but a big part is strength training. I could eat a lot “cleaner”, but I am conscious of how I eat. I tell you this to motivate you. It works. Keep going even when you don’t think you are seeing change. Change is happening. Some weeks you may not see it in your body, but you may be able to go a little longer or harder on your cardio of choice. This is heart health and proof your muscles are strengthening.

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