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Raising Motivators Not Monsters

Jogged my usual two miles. ¬†Realized I have something more motivational than any playlist…a toddler. As we were starting out, I always walk first to warm up and my daughter kept asking me to go faster. So after warming up, I obliged. Next, I hear, “go mommy, go mommy…”. Lol, it really did work. I wanted so much to make her happy, it kept me running a little further until it burned. Later today, I could thank them again for motivating me. After trying desperately to get them down for their naps simultaneously to no avail, I gave up and decided to do a leg work-out. Wall squats with a ball, single leg squats, and some floor leg lifts. For the leg lifts on the floor, I got down on my elbows and knees. This bringing me face-to-face with my not-napping 3 month old daughter watching from her bouncer seat. So I used this time to try teaching her to count to my reps. Why not?

Moms, don’t give up. Whatever your obstacles, keep trying new things. You will find what works best ¬†for you.

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