Baby Mama Got Back


Draw me a beer & drink a bath

Well, I just made my first attempt since having the baby to seriously try to do a cardio routine. It left me pretty scrambled. Not the routine. Never finished. The attempt did. Let’s see, after dusting off the old step aerobics music disc I would use when teaching my class, I got started, moving at 128-130 beats per minute (bpm). Not to fast for aerobics, way too fast to move with a toddler darting back and forth behind you. Finally, after stepping on her 4-5 times, prying an arm out of the slats of a dining chair, fetching another milk, I gave up. UGH. I seriously need some me time. Currently listening to Bridgette Jone’s Diary soundtrack. That used to go with my beer & a bath but I can’t have that right now. Actually, I tried to find myself in a long hot bath the other day but it only lasted about two minutes before my daughter found me. So I was back to being “mommy”, we had a bath together. I’m sure I’ll miss these days one day, right now I would just like to feel like a woman again.

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