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Tuesday: Legs

If  you do a considerably intense lower body work out, it is close to a cardiovascular workout as well because your legs are the largest muscle group in your body with your Back following in second. As a women, I love doing legs and I am just now starting to recognize the old shape coming back. Have I done anything different?  Yes. I am getting more serious.  Working out each muscle group twice a week really helps. All I know it does, is it keeps that “pump” in your muscles. I have noticed in the last week my Bum lifting.  Hallelujah!

Here is what I do:

Leg press (free weight room):  1-2 sets w/ two 45 lb weights, follow up w/ 2-3 more sets adding a 10 lbs weight to each side. sets of 10-12.

Squats:  using the smith machine  3 of 10  25-35 lbs weights each side

Walking Lunges:  down a hallway, 2 round trips  12-15 lbs dumbbells

Hip Hinge: using a 60 lb bar 3 of 10

Leg extensions: free weights or machine. This is an exercise for definition not growth so go lighter on the weights. Too much weight can put strain on your knees. It does mine. 3 of 10-15

Leg Curls:  follow same instruction for extensions. Sometimes I change it up & workout my hamstrings on the “negative” which means you use a weight you can curl UP fast and then let DROP back down very slowly. This is also a good example how to change up an exercise to keep your muscles guessing to avoid that plateauing.  3 of 10-15.

Sometimes I’ll add in a machine that is very spot specific like those machines that target the outer &  inner thighs. Just remember, the leg press, squats, and lunges are hitting those areas. Unfortunately, we have no control over where our bodies tighten and tone more or first.

I forgot to mention, I only rest about 30-60 seconds between each set and move on to the next exercise immediately. I get bored and I like to be in and out quick.

Whew, this was tough. I like to go home and have protein shake after this one.

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