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I really felt the need to add before I post any more of my personal workouts, that the weight I mention in my routines are NOT the weights I started with. Below you will find a rough list of exercises and the weights I believe I used when I first began strength training.

Back:  seated row 30 lbs  if I used dumbbells it may have been 12lbs.

Triceps & Biceps: anywhere from 5-10 lbs dumbbells.

Chest:  if I used a bar, it would have had No extra weight on it. The bar itself weighs 35-45 lbs.

Legs: leg press I used anywhere from 10-25 lbs weights each side, walking lunges start out with No weights ( you have your body weight) and if after a couple lengths you feel you could easily have held dumbbells then start w/ 10 lbs.

Above anything, just listen to your body. If you do 10 reps of something and after the tenth rep you feel like you could have went on forever, then you need to increase your weight. You should have to push through the last couple of reps. Always stretch afterwards to stretch those muscles you worked back out. During strength training, they tighten up into balls and you want to keep them flexible to prevent future injuries.

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