Baby Mama Got Back


Monday Back & Triceps


lat pull down  3 sets of 10  80 lbs

seated row       3 of 10 60 lbs

bent over row 1 arm w/dumbbell  3 of 10  15 lbs


alternating kick backs w/dumbbell  3 of 10  10-12 lbs

extensions  on machine 20-30 lbs  3 of 10

finished up with some basic crunches on a ball, about 3 sets of 15-20.

I also used the Smith machine w/the rope attachment. You stand on your knees hold the rope close to body or around your neck & crunch forward lowering your head to the floor. I dont know what these are called but if you ask a fitness attendent at your gym, they will know.  3 of 15  110 lbs.

No cardio today.

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